Pubblichiamo la presentazione del libro del prof. Giancarlo Ugazio: "La triade interattiva del mondo inquinato contro la salute", tradotto in inglese.

The work illustrates the human diseases caused by exposure to three of the main types of agents harmful to our body: those related to the loss of tolerance to exogenous environmental compounds (SCM), asbestos, electromagnetic fields. And the exposures are considered employ–ment, both unrelated to the job. Also described are the multifactorial etiology and multisistemicity of clinical conditions, especially it is paid attention to the toxicological synergism (cocktail effect) between the three types of agents, each other and with other pathogens. The peroxidation effect is the main leitmotif of interaction between the three above-mentioned types of poisons. Another factor shared by all three is that they are all related to the “progress" and that entrepreneurial profit which is realized through the exploitation of man-by-man, carefully concealed by a conspiracy of silence. The man in the street (Green Man) can only hope that all this knowledge they are able to facilitate his health through the prevention of risks.

Giancarlo Ugazio

The Interactive Triad in a Polluted

Environment against Health

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Presentation Michele MICHELINO


Dead Due to Progress

Years of workers’ struggles against a harmful environment in the factory,

and later in the local area have taught us that primary prevention

and removal of carcinogens and harmful substances that cause diseases

are real health protection. “Civilized” Italian people continue to

die from work and for work, people continue to die for profit and in

the name of “progress”. One of the causes is the pursuit of maximum

profit of by unscrupulous businessmen and the culpable complicity

of governments, public administrators, politicians, trade unionists in

the name of a reason of state accepted as inevitable and normal that

many people, human beings, get sick and die every day in the name

of “progress”. Nowadays, even for those who should be in charge of

health protection; in particular the “workers representatives”, that is,

the unions, the protection of workers’ health is no longer a priority.

We have gone back sixty–six years. Back in 1947, when theWorld

Health Organization declared that with respect to the right to health:

The States Parties to this Constitution declare, in accordance with the

Charter of the United Nations, that the base of the happiness of peoples,

their harmonious relations and their safety, are the following principles:

health is a state of complete physical, mental and social well being and not

merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

The possession of the best possible state of health is a fundamental

right of every human being without distinction of race, of religion, of

political opinion, economic or social condition. The health of all peoples

is a fundamental condition of world peace and security; it depends on the

closest possible cooperation between individuals and between states. The

results achieved by each country in the improvement and protection of

health are valuable for all.

The disparity in the different countries with regard to the improvement

of health and the fight against disease, especially communicable diseases,

constitutes a danger for everyone. The healthy development of the child

is of paramount importance; the ability to live in harmony with a rapidly

changing environment is essential for this development. To achieve the

highest degree of health it is essential to make accessible to everyone

the knowledge acquired by the medical sciences, psychology and the

like. Enlightened public opinion and active co–operation of the public

are of paramount importance for the improvement of the health of the

population. Governments are responsible for the health of their citizens;

they can meet this responsibility, only by taking adequate health and social


The very articles of the Italian Constitution, such as Article. 32

which reads: The Republic safeguards health as a fundamental right of the

individual and collective interest—together with Art. 41, paragraph II—

which states that private economic initiative, despite being free, may

not be contrary to public benefit or in a manner that could damage safety,

liberty, and human dignity, are completely disregarded and not applied.

Today the only right recognized by the State is that of the industrialist

to make profits at the expense of human beings. We cannot accept

without a fight that millions of workers, their families and citizens

continue to be subjected to the danger of contracting diseases caused

by carcinogens and environmental pathogens, as has happened and in

many cases still does.

The new diseases due to progress are not inevitable. It has been

proven that new products, new goods manufactured in production

processes with new substances and new materials and put on the

market without being tested or not tested with regard to their effects

on health are carriers of new diseases. Let’s take an example. For

decades, all Italian governments — after trampling and offending

Art. 2 of the Constitution which states that Italy repudiates war as an

instrument of aggression against the freedom of other peoples and as a means

of settling international disputes—have imported ferrous scrap from all

over the world to be melted down and reused for domestic industry.

In particular, metals and raw materials from areas where there were

our “peace missions” (the hypocrisy of so called modern wars) under

the aegis of the UN and NATO.

First you destroy, humans and nature are polluted with the depleted

uranium bombs and shells, then you import cheap contaminated

scrap metal with no border controls. So, after having killed

abroad, back home poisons and carcinogens arrive that will harm or

kill even its own population.


The life and humanity of certain entrepreneurs is not dictated by

heart beats, but the speed with which capital, exploiting workers, is

enhanced. The loss of life in the production process, in the conflict

between capital and labor, is considered “physiological” by the system,

and new diseases that affect workers and citizens represent the

possibility of new business for the pharmaceutical companies.

The progressive attempt to dismantle public health in favor of

the private sector goes in this direction. Remove the control of local

public health–agencies on industries and citizens pass it to the private

certification company in the field of elevators / lifts, for example,

(inspection and checks on installations are no longer made by the

technicians from the public safety agencies (such as ISPEL) or from

the regional environment agencies (Arpa), but professional businesses)

is a further step towards the privatization and commercialization of

safety. Occupational diseases dilute deaths over time and exposure to

or contact with harmful substances and carcinogenic substances in the

production process, the ILO estimated that each year about 438.000

employees lose their lives, a figure that certainly underestimates the

reality. Asbestos, in particular, is responsible for the death of 100,000

people a year (more than 4,000 in Italy alone), while silicosis continues

to affect millions of workers and retirees in the world.

Behind the democratic system, which professes equality of citizens

hides the brutality and violence of a system that, through laws that

sanctify profit, grants immunity and license to kill in the name of

the “free market” and “progress” . Although sometimes some owners

responsible for the deaths of workers are found guilty, in Italy

we have never seen an entrepreneur or a politician found guilty of

manslaughter go to jail.

When a worker is killed on the job due to an injury or occupational

disease, once the victims and their families have been compensated,

or — in the case of a trial — the plaintiffs have been paid damages to

get them out of the way, silence falls. And through legal loopholes,

the usual delays of the machinery of justice either you the case is

closed due to the statue of limitations or there is a derisory sentence.

Even worse is the case for citizens affected by harmful substances

and carcinogenic substances used in industry and released into the

air, ether and water table. The relationship with the workers and

citizens has helped to strengthen the battle for primary prevention.


With this new book — which examines and summarizes knowledge

on the causes of the polluted environment, on multiple chemical

sensitivity that results in the loss of tolerance to environmental poisons

and chemicals, on the extension of research involving both asbestos–

related diseases, and to research on electromagnetic fields, and which

highlights the importance of synergy pathogen interaction between

the three types of harmful agents —those fighting to protect health

and the environment have a new weapon.

To professor Giancarlo Ugazio, an unrepentant physician when

it comes to protecting health and a scientist who is not for sale, an

honorary member of our Board and companion of many battles on

the side of workers and citizens, wemust therefore express once again

our deep appreciation and sincere gratitude.




Chairman of the Committee for the Defense of Health in the

Workplace and in the Territory


Sesto San Giovanni (MI) (




On June 1th, 2012, as a result of an exposé on the issue of the risks

of exposure to asbestos, held on April 27, 2012 at Palazzo Marino in

Milan, a documentary journalist of the political movement M5S asked

me for an interview at my home. That interview—released on You

Tube—developed on a single question: Tell me about the ethical and

social aspects of environmental pollution.

This solicitation did not catch me unprepared: as always, in my

professional activities of research and teaching, I had paid attention

not only to the strictly scientific aspects of environmental pathology,

motivated for the preventive protection of environmental health, but

also to the social and ethical aspects. In fact, when I encountered

something strange, at the expense of environment and health, as a

rule, I never hid in the closed lab, but I wondered: Who stands to gain?

As a result, I deepened my knowledge of such problems by drawing

information not only from the common bibliographical sources but

also from the computer network.

This fifth book of mine The interactive triad is the tool for the

dissemination of much of the information that I have collected during

many years of work and also after the publication of the book on

asbestos of 2012, of which it is a development.

The first chapter deals with the panoramic view of the polluted environment

of today’s world, torn between the progress of the industrial

revolution, on the one hand, and the economic–financial balance of the

budget, on the other. As a rule, profit takes precedence over the quality

of both the environment and health. The conspiracy of silence is the

soundtrack that serves as the atmosphere of the whole debacle in which

we live and where our children and our grandchildren are destined to

live. Since these particular aspects are generally hidden by entrepreneurs

who enjoy the profit, the handling of the panoramic view is offered to

the reader in six languages other than Italian, so that the information is

not hampered by the knowledge of only the Italian language.


The second chapter is one of the main icons that exemplify these

problems: MCS (Multiple Chemical Sensitivity), a devastating multi–

factorial and multisystemic syndrome. A multitude of environmental

pathogens, derived from progress or development, however you prefer

to call it, either alone or in the simultaneous presence, even in

infinitesimal doses, under conditions of synergy and / or potentiation,

causes the loss of tolerance to chemical and physical agents in

genetically predisposed organisms. MCS is one of the main reasons

why “healthy life expectancy” at birth, since 2003, has undergone a

major shortening, although the raw (total) life expectancy continues

to increase. The author illustrates the most important pathogens, as

well as the most frequent morbid manifestations. The awareness of

this information is the only tool that allows the diagnosis (based on

medical history) and treatment by the avoidance of further exposure

to pathogens, once identified.

The third chapter discusses the most common diseases caused by

asbestos. Asbestos, a mineral with stunning technological properties

and fairly widespread in the earth’s crust, for more than a century, has

been used successfully in many technological applications. Before, during,

and after use of the articles that contain it e.g.: in mining, in the

manufacture of the articles, in their use, and in their disposal at the end

of their use, the tiny fibrils that make up the mineral may be dispersed

in air, water, and food and get into our body. They can be inhaled and /

or ingested, or even enter passing through the mucose of hollow organs

of the body which communicate with the outside washed by possibly

contaminated tap water, used for hygienic purposes, this is a subsidiary

but important route of entry for the fibrils. After this stage, any tissue

reached by the ore through the bloodstream can become pathogenic,

especially carcinogenic. It is recognized that this disease process begins

to take place through a peroxidative reaction that alters the DNA

molecule, the phenomenon of priming the tumor process. The natural

history of carcinogenesis can proceed in a delicate balance between the

carcinogenic action above, on the one hand, assisted by many synergistic

factors, such as certain heavy metals present together, or some

pathogenic microorganisms, or even peroxidative factors. On the other

hand, there can operate inhibitors of carcinogenesis: first and foremost

the repair enzymes of the DNA molecule, and secondly the immune

system. From the state or the disruption of the balance of this important

biological “tug of war” depends the health or exitus of the individual

exposed to the mineral fibrils. According to the biomedical literature,

the main target organs of the pathogenic asbestos, carcinogenic and /

or non–tumor, are located not only in the chest [e.g. lung, pleura, heart,

pericardium], but also in other areas of the organism, for instance, brain,

larynx, esophagus, breast, kidney, stomach, pancreas, peritoneum, small

intestine, colon–rectum, prostate, ovary, testis, tunica vaginalis of testis,

bladder, and vagina. Among the most important non–tumor diseases

are included: Alzheimer’s disease and Autism, and Amyotrophic Lateral

Sclerosis. MCS and the diseases caused by asbestos have in common

both a clinical manifestation, as a real link, the fibromyalgia, and a peculiar

susceptibility to the imbalance of the peroxidative equilibrium. In the

first clinical condition appears the cycle of the so–called NO/ONOO–

(of peroxynitrite), while in the second, the onset of the disease, carcinogenesis,

initiatiates with the alteration of the DNA molecule, based on a

peroxidative phenomenon. Further, when a subject is genetically predisposed

to disease, in any of the two above–mentioned clinical conditions,

his/her health must be protected by means of that awareness which

allows avoiding either the conditions of synergism among pathogens,

or the depression of the anticancer devices. Another factor assimilating

the two clinical conditions is a genetic polymorphism, specific to each

of them, which blocks the defense ability against pathogens. Finally

we must not forget that the clinical condition caused by the interactive

triadmay result fromexposure to pathogens in both occupational and

non–working environments.

The fourth chapter describes some of the diseases that are caused

directly or indirectly by exposure to E.M.F. [Electro Magnetic Fields].

This type of pathogen could operate in both sectors of this important

contention reported previously. Indeed, it is known that such physical

agents can both stimulate the formation of oxygen free radicals, as

happens following a martial therapy, and reduce the epiphyseal incretion

of the melatonin, a hormone known as valid bulwark against the

progression of cancer.

The fifth chapter constitutes a comment of the various interactions

of pathogens, both at the level of synergism and of toxicological enhancement.

The different biomedical stages involved in the “tug of

war” between the pathogens and the body’s defenses, refer especially

to the consequences for the health of the community, namely alter16

The Interactive Triad in a Polluted Environment against Health

ations in life expectancy, not just the “raw” terms, but especially of the

healthy one. The ultimate aim is the preservation of environmental

health, the reciprocal of environmental disease.

The series of appendices (I to VII) offers a wide range of biomedical

information that integrates the content of the previous chapters. The

first four show the scientific literature on the action of a pathogenic

mineral (asbestos) and three heavy metals (iron, lead, and mercury).

The collective presentation of these four pathogens together with

the three major environmental poisons of the interactive triad is no

coincidence. The choice has a clear purpose: it wants to pass on

the message to those who ignore environmental risks, for passive

ignorance (inborn), and would like to inform those who dedicate

themselves to active ignorance that the human body can be exposed to

multiple pathogens simultaneously or subsequently, with the effects of

synergism and / or enhancement, which are of toxicological concern.

The image of St. Sebastian, pierced by many arrows, which is shown

on the cover of Environmental Pathology, how to prevent it (Ugazio, 2006)

represents the human being prone to multiple pathogens, a quite

common situation. Incidentally, it is then appropriate for the reader

to know that our tissues, in front of environmental poisons, do not

behave in accordance with the limits of the official laws, but follow the

laws of nature, and as part of a “tug of war” between the pathogens and

the natural defenses [see Chapter V, comments on the Triad]. Here

are the last three appendices: V to VII. Appendix V, with the allegory

of the “greenman”, represents the rational function, not fideistic, of

the author in the role of the ombudsman for common citizens who

are at risk of losing health due to environmental pollution, too often

derived from the exploitation of man by man, for profit. Appendix VI

presents a bleak picture of the relationship between passive and active

ignorance as to environmental risks. The last (VII) summarizes a list

of the holders of the globalized powers, whose union has its roots

in the Flexner Report in 1910 (Griffin, 2010), has developed within

the Brussels lobby (Rath, 2012), through the two world wars of the

twentieth century, and ends with the founding of the Bilderberg Club

(1954), by a “century” of wealthy entrepreneurs who have designed

and are building the NewWorld Order (Estulin, 2009).

Giancarlo UGAZIO

via Raffaele Garofalo, 133/A–B

00173 Roma

(06) 93781065

ISBN 978-88-548-6820-5



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